Meet Olive! :)

here’s s new character I’m working on for a pb idea…or an early reader, not quite sure yet! 🙂  her name (tentatively) is Olive O’Malley, and her sidekick is Mr. Fleabert!  I used watercolor and colored pencil-and as you can see it took a few tries to get the type of plaid I wanted 🙂



#colour_collective :)

heres my post for this weeks color collective! The color was cerulean 🙂


Take a look! :)

hey! Here’s a look at some pages from my idea binder, well, one of my idea binders! 🙂 hope it can be of some inspiration for you, I know it is for me! 


Color tests :)

Here are my color tests for the new SCBWI monthly word prompt! 🙂 this is only the left half tho, didn’t have room for the rest but I’ll post that later!  The last one is what I’ve decided to go with btw 🙂 all done in watercolor and colored pencil. 




#colour_collective-lilac :)

here’s my post for #colour_collective this week 🙂 @PennyNevilleLee was kind enough to choose a pastel color which was so fun!  It got me inspired to create a different character and I figured out that you don’t always have to mix in white to get a pastel! With this one I did use white, but not with the new character 🙂 Instead I used a very light wash of color and let it “mix” with the white of the watercolor paper so it appears pastel-blew my mind!