Portfolio Sketches! :)

Oookay, so I need some feedback, if you have a sec, on my portfolio sketches before I start the final pieces!  There’s only 8 pictured here but the 9th and 10th will be the color version of the the pig holding the newspaper 🙂 It’s a stand alone piece at the beginning and end, and 4 double page spreads. I really appreciate this guys, thanks so much!  And please be honest and thoughtful-no “Cute!” or “Good job!”-I need real critiques! 🙂 I guess I should add that I’m striving to be a picture book illustrator so keep that in mind when giving suggestions 🙂 Oh and they will all be in color except for one spread of the pig w/ newspaper-that will be a value spread and a color spread. Thanks again! P.s-the newspaper will be filled in with newspapery things for the final piece 🙂


IMG_20150727_0003 IMG_20150727_0004 IMG_20150727_0005 IMG_20150727_0006

IMG_20150727_0007 IMG_20150727_0008



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